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“Ketan’s course addresses both the mindset and strategy needed to raise investor capital successfully. Using his coaching expertise and networking benefits will get you faster results.”

Joe Fairless
Ashcroft Capital

What do you want to learn ?

What does it take to create extraordinary results ?

As an accomplished real estate entrepreneur, you have already achieved success. Yet, you may feel like you haven’t tapped into your full potential yet. You may be struggling to reach that next level of high performance and get the results you want.

Extraordinary results are created by having mastering this 5 Pillars of Peak Performance :

1. Clarity
2. Strategy
3. Execution
4. Leverage
5. Limiting Beliefs & Fears


“Ketan’s teaching and training helped me get my mind in the right place. To train my mind to handle my internal doubts. And use it to raise capital, marketing, and connecting with people.”

Jason Stubblefield
S&S Capital Partners

You don’t need more information, you need transformation!


The top tier real estate entrepreneurs know how to align their thoughts, emotions, and actions for a high-performance state.

High Performance Real Estate Coaching…
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You don’t need more information. You need a transformation—a new understanding of the knowledge you already possess.

The strategies you have used to bring your real estate business this far won’t help you get to the next level.

Start Your Journey to Greater Success, Fulfillment, and Freedom

If you take the same actions, how can you expect a different result ?

You can either keep your business running as it is, or you can
take action to create phenomenal income and make a tremendous impact.

“I knew Ketan’s program was going to work for me when we were in the mindset phase. We talked about limiting beliefs, and that is where things changed for me. I realized you must build a process and have the belief to carry out that process and give it time to unfold. There was a moment in time when I connected all the dots and was able to see the entire path. Ketan helped me identify exactly how it was going to happen and helped me lay out the entire roadmap in my mind.”

Derrick Clifford
Elevate Equity

"Your Success and Fulfillment in Life is directly proportional to your level of self-awareness" - Ketan Patel


“Ketan helped me heightened my emotional states to create a forward movement around my most important goals. Ketan is passionate, kind, and has a gift for helping you unlock your true potential.”

Gregory Goodman
M.D. Physician


Transforming his mindset and achieving financial freedom at a young age, Ketan understands what it takes to overcome obstacles, push through fear, and turn dreams into reality. His own success includes migrating to the US at age of 19 not speaking English and completing a doctorate in Pharmacy in less than five years. He built a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio by taking a $8k loan out of his 401k and quadrupled earnings in his senior care business. He actively runs real estate firm Mukhi Capital.Now Ketan works with real estate entrepreneurs who want to create extraordinary results in their business.


“My favorite thing about Capital Raising Pro is the coaching from Ketan. The conversation flows back and forth very easily. He brings a ton of experience from a real estate standpoint and from a coaching standpoint. The fact that I had a direct link with Ketan was extremely helpful and truly made for an incredible experience.”

Dr. Nimesh Patel
Lion Park Capital