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“Ketan’s course addresses both the mindset and strategy needed to raise investor capital successfully. Using his coaching expertise and networking benefits will get you faster results.”

Joe Fairless
Ashcroft Capital

“Ketan’s teaching and training helped me get my mind in the right place. To train my mind to handle my internal doubts. And use it to raise capital, marketing, and connecting with people.”

Jason Stubblefield
S&S Capital Partners

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If you put your money into Ketan, he’s going to deliver back to you over and over again. Capital Raising Pro helped me get super focused on what it is that will help me raise capital from my limited partners and got me on the right track to success.

Derrick Clifford
Elevate Equity

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“Ketan helped me heightened my emotional states to create a forward movement around my most important goals. Ketan is passionate, kind, and has a gift for helping you unlock your true potential.”

Gregory Goodman
M.D. Physician

I had raised a small amount of capital before through friends and family. However, I knew that source would dry up eventually. I knew I needed a system in place for raising capital consistently. That’s why I decided to join Ketan’s program. I wanted to learn scalable tactics for raising capital.

Dr. Nimesh Patel
Lion Park Capital


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