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Does this sound like you?


You are already motivated

You have a passion for your real estate business

You have a bias for taking action

You are achieving some success already




You are not achieving the results you desire

You feel stuck and can’t figure out how to move forward

Something still seems to be holding you back, but you just can’t pinpoint what it is

You have success, but you want more of it

You want to get to your goals faster


Achieve Lasting Results Through Coaching

How Ketan Can Help You

It’s one thing to reach a new benchmark. It is another to maintain peak performance consistently.

Staying sharp, focused, and driven, with hundreds of daily distractions can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and losing your edge.

You don’t need to work harder. You need a better system.

Discovering new insights, and methods, combined with an accountability partner, can give you clarity and focus on what matters.

My coaching techniques do not require more effort. Instead, I help you gain clarity, which allows you to see both problems and solutions in a new light. Relying on proven strategies that get results, you can achieve life-changing discoveries and breakthroughs faster and more effectively.

5 Fundamentals of High Performance

Clarity With clarity of purpose, these high achievers have a clear, distinct vision of their what they expect from an extraordinary life.

Strategy High achieving real estate entrepreneurs have a strategic focus which provides a succinct path to their success.

Action Plan High achievers know the direct steps they need to take to bring new life and incredible growth to their real estate endeavors.

Leverage Through leverage, these high achievers know how to harness their time, money, and other resources to create reach new heights in their real estate business.

Limiting Belief High achievers know how to take charge of their limiting beliefs, break through their personal glass ceilings, and move beyond them to operate in a state of peak performance in their lives.


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present - Jim Rohn

What a Coach WILL Do for You

Provide Clarity – A coach will help you uncover what you want to achieve and what you want to change. He will also help you discover why you want what you want, which will empower you to take the necessary actions to achieve the things you want the most.

Increase Your Speed – You don’t want to wait months or even years before you see any sign of success. Coaching will reveal what is getting in the way of your success and give you the tools to remove those roadblocks NOW.

Create Momentum – Get past analysis paralysis. Information is everywhere, but knowledge does not always beget action. Coaching involves thinning out the information into bite-size pieces you can convert into actionable behaviors. When you have a clear path, clear actions to take, you can succeed faster.

Support – Every success includes a series of setbacks and false starts. A coach is a guide, a cheerleader, and an accountability partner all wrapped into one. He will be there to celebrate your successes. To brainstorm and strategize on how to overcome setbacks, and provide a place to check in when motivation begins to wane.

As a high-performance coach, my job is to put these 5 things in practice for you.

I believe in YOU and help you connect to your unlimited potential and I won’t buy into your limiting stories or beliefs that are preventing you from achieving what you know you are capable of.


Take Your Business To The Next Level

I believe in YOU and help you connect to your unlimited potential and I won’t buy into your limiting stories or beliefs that are preventing you from achieving what you know you are capable of.

I will help you to develop an extraordinary mindset and create your personal strategy which will get you results faster than you could ever imagine.