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How Limiting Beliefs Impact Capital Raising

When I was purchasing multi-family homes, I wasn’t always comfortable raising money.  I KNEW I needed to overcome the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  Once I did, things changed drastically!  Do you have something that is holding you back from reaching your full potential in real estate?   Be honest with yourself as you ponder over this question… Once you can identify what is holding you back and take the necessary steps to eliminate those beliefs, you can raise millions and millions of dollars and build your real estate portfolio. It’s actually part of our human nature to have fear, especially when we start something new.  A lot of real estate investors say they want to raise capital.  You’ve likely heard the reasons why—so they could do bigger deals, they could do more deals, they could grow their wealth, and then they could provide a great return to the investors.  The reality is that, the majority of the time, we have a limiting belief that gets in our way. Limiting beliefs are statements we tell ourselves repeatedly.  Things like:
  • I don’t know how to market and get investors
  • I don’t have the time to find investors 
  • Why would they invest with me, I am still new at this?
  • What if one of the deals/my first deal fails…. What would they think of me/my business?
  • Everybody is raising capital and it’s really competitive.
  • I can’t find unique ideas to generate content.
  • What if I can’t answer investor questions?
Unfortunately, what happens is that you assume that this belief is true. What I want to share with you right at this moment is that: This limiting belief is stealing the power away from you to create and grow your business. The most important word of advice that I can offer you today is that you have to understand that all these thoughts are just beliefs, and they are Not True.  As the famous motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Your fears only appear to be real to you, but that does not mean they are real.  And once you figure out a way to get over your fears, everything will change.   So, at the end of the day, if you have one or more of these beliefs, and you’re not overcoming them, it’s just going to limit your goals of raising capital and buying real estate, reaching your dreams, etc.  Right?  The most important thing you get from this email is this:


Here’s the first step to your success:  Think about what may be limiting you to raise capital… Is it a fear of talking with others about money? Is it not having a strategy to raise capital? Not knowing how to find investors or build your brand?  The second step is to ask yourself if that belief is serving you or not. If it’s not helping you get to your goals then why keep believing in it?  Here is what you can do instead :
  1. What are the 3 smallest actions I can take towards raising capital?
  2. Is there anything new I can try?
  3. Can I model other real estate entrepreneurs who have raised capital?
At the end of the day:  Same Beliefs = Same Actions = Same Results  From my experience, NOW is the perfect time to change. If it’s not now, it’s never. 

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