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Myth Debunked! Find Deal & Money Will Follow

One of the more alluring myths in real estate is this: Find the deal and money will follow.

I hear this so often in real estate circles.  Everybody’s saying that you just need to find the deal and money will just come through.  Yet, I talk with so many investors on a day-to-day basis that spend all the time and energy to find a good deal.  And then do you know what happens…

They have 30 days to raise money. And most of them fail.

They thought that if they found the deal, the money would follow. But that’s not true

This myth reminds me of the line from the 1980s movie Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come.  This line seems to forget one key principle in real estate.  Where does the money come from to build it?  Another similar question for fix-and-flips, multifamily, and all other forms of real estate investing: So, where does the money come? 

Investors, that’s where.

The only way that money can follow a deal is when it doesn’t neglect investors.  Investors, then, become the key to success in your real estate deals.  

Investors must come first—then the other aspects of the deal follow!

The money can follow if you already have a vetted pool of qualified investors, where you have built a relationship of trust with those potential investors, and you have showcased your knowledge and your expertise of real estate.  But if you ignored this vital step, the shocking truth is that you’re just hoping to make some calls and get somebody to fund your deal, and you’re really risking everything.  You want that vetted pool of investors, otherwise your funding resources look more like a wishing well.  And believe me, the wishing well is not nearly as effective a business strategy as the preselected pool.

So rather than finding a deal and hoping that money will follow, why don’t you systematically start building relationships of trust and education with potential investors. That way, when the opportunity comes and you find the right deal, they already know you.  They know about your brand, and chances are much higher that they’ll participate.

So, when people say ‘find the deal and money will follow,’ they may be omitting the most critical information, which is: To turn the myth into a reality, People don’t always invest their money quickly, especially if they don’t already know you.  You need a pool of prime investors that you already have a relationship with, or have done business with. 

This powerful proven technique is the only way the myth can work… 

Pool of Investors →  Deal  →  Money to Fund the Deal

In the past few years, I’ve raised nearly $10 million in capital.  I’m not sharing this to brag about my abilities.  I’m sharing it because I understand how vital capital is to any real estate deal… and I want something better for you and your business than myths that don’t contribute to your success.

My desire today is that you have dispelled the myth and that you understand a better way to look at funding a deal.  I want you to move forward with your deals and put this technique into action.

Countless other smart real estate investors have fallen victim to the myth, finding deals and not being able to have the money follow.  I think we can both agree that it is in your best interest to put this powerful technique into action, and besides, I desire more for you!

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