Next Level

Eric Shaffer was the first person to hike the entire 2200-mile-long Appalachian Trail, a feat that was deemed impossible after thousands had attempted and failed to complete it. However, long before Eric set foot on the trail, he meticulously prepared for his journey. Not only did he study maps, decide on gear, and gather substance for the trip, he, most importantly, planned for potential obstacles that could hinder his success. Eric, then, developed strategies for the possible physical roadblocks as well the mental hardships that could befall hikers on such a daunting trek.

Like the frustrated hikers before Eric, I have found that most people underestimate possible difficulties in their journey to success. Unfortunately, once they run into what seems like an unclimbable mountain, they become discouraged and turn back, never to return. Therefore, your first step towards achievement should be no different than that of Eric’s. Before arriving at the trailhead, you need to determine your own roadblocks, including both physical and mental barriers. Only then can you set your dreams into motion.

In order to propel your journey into a world of personal fulfillment and professional success, I am including this assessment to help you define your own limits in order for you to gain a new focus and clarity that will set you apart from all the other hopeful mountain climbers.