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Why Master the Skill of Raising Capital?

I don’t know what your favorite dish is, but I’m sure you can imagine it as you read this email.  Maybe your mouth is watering as you are reading.  What would you get if you only used half of the ingredients? Likely, you would run the risk of having an inedible mess!  There is no comparison between a lackluster first bite… and mouth watering perfection.

You may be wondering how this comparison relates to your real estate investing business…

It’s all in the ingredients.

You need all the right ingredients to build a successful real estate business.

In the world of real estate, everybody talks about finding hot deals, and finding markets.  But still, for a lot of people their dream of becoming financially free never becomes a reality. 

The truth is, unfortunately, these entrepreneurs may only be working with half a recipe.  Your recipe for real estate investing success must include all the ingredients. 

Sure, finding deals and finding markets are both vital to your success.  But if you aren’t seeing the results you desire, you are likely missing another key ingredient.

The skill of raising capital.

This is an under-served, but necessary, ingredient in successful real estate investing.  It’s an area that people don’t always talk about.

Often, there is not as much information out there because the skill of raising capital can be slightly discomforting. And, unfortunately, real estate investors don’t give it as much importance as they need to. 

If you want to reach your real estate income goals and build a portfolio, the skill of capital raising is essential. Mastering the skill of raising capital is as important as finding the deal. But typical real estate investors put most of the effort in finding the deals, analyzing the deals, and picking the market instead of focusing on capital raising mastery. And what happens?

Now they’re really good at finding deals, but they don’t have the money to close them.

And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of real estate business you’re into. Whether you are:

  • Buying apartment buildings, 
  • Flipping properties, or 
  • Buying a small multifamily for a rental portfolio…

All kinds of real estate deals need capital—and you could only invest so much of your own money.  So, you know just how important raising capital can be. 

Has raising capital been a struggle for you?

I’m going to tell you three things as to why capital raising is very important to successful real estate entrepreneurs and what happens when you begin to improve on this important skill. 

Number one is confidence when you hunt the deals.  Imagine if you already have a database of investors who are ready and eager to participate; and you’re confident that when you show them this opportunity, they will be investing in your deal….  Now how comfortable would you feel going out there hunting deals and writing offers? Worse is when you are not sure about a deal, but you’re thinking and wondering, “Okay, what if I get this X amount of property under contract, but I don’t really even have the investors.”  In this scenario, you’re always shaky, versus knowing that you’re going with the confidence to say, “Okay, this is the right deal. People would invest, I have the database.” 

The second thing is that skill in capital raising gives you more opportunities.  Once you have a database of investors, you could buy bigger properties. You could decide to go from flipping single-family properties into multifamily, or you could start development. Basically, there’s no limit on what you could do with your business, or what kind of properties you could buy.  Opportunities open up because typically you are only limited by the amount of capital you can raise.  But, if you solve that challenge, then everything begins to open up for you. 

And number three is scaling the business.  Once you master these skills, you have the database so you could do more deals and bigger deals in less time because the money is lined up.  At this stage, you’re getting referrals.  When your investors provide referrals, you have the capital-raising side of your business working from within.  This opens more doors for you to focus on finding deals, rather than finding capital. 

My wish for you is that you have found these three tips helpful.  But I do have one question for you….

Are you missing any ingredient that is keeping your real estate business from reaching the desired goals?

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